WEEK 7: Donate to save social media!

Title unrelated to content; no donating is required. Back to the blogging, let’s hope it can be entertaining and easy to discuss!
This week’s activity requires you to select an organization from the Social Sector i.e. a nonprofit institution and non-governmental organization (e.g. foundations, social service organizations, cultural institutions, and advocacy groups, social movements) and identify and discuss some of the major benefits and value levers associated with implementing Enterprise 2.0. Concentrate on one (maximum two) of the 5 functional areas and use the relevant Social Technology value levers published by McKinsey Global Institute, 2012

I’m going by what I can see in the referenced pages form the McKinsey Global Institute report and select from the options of Collecting Information and Insights, Mobilize Resources, Execute mission and Organisation-wide levers. So, I have chosen Cancer Council Australia and I think this week I will select the option of Execute mission.

Slip, Slop, Slap. How many of you have heard this phrase before? I’m almost certain that a fair few of you will read this and instantly think of the catchy jingle that accompanies it. There’s a lot we can attribute to that phrase that some may have forgotten, so I’ll help you to remember.

The Slip (on a shirt), Slop (sunscreen), Slap (on a hat) campaign was introduced by the Cancer Council Victoria in 1980 due to the epidemic of melanoma cases and the rise in awareness of the sun’s harmful UV rays on our delicate skin. It was produced alongside a catchy upbeat jingle and shown in an advertisement, prompting Australians to be smarter out in the sun to ensure that we can all live longer and stay healthy. This campaign ran on until 1988 when the Sun Smart program took over its place and has been active ever since. In 2009 the campaign was added to, including Seek (shade from the sun) and Slide (on sunglasses).

Has it been effective? Well the details can be seen in SunSmart’s 20 year report (2008), but I will summarise some of the key findings. The overall opinion of sun tanning has decreased as greater awareness of the adverse effects have become known. Additionally, a reduction of the number of people getting sunburnt by 50% was also noted.

But how does this tie in with the level of Execute mission? Well, within this lever there are two points; Educate the public and Engage the supporters.

Educating the public is perhaps the strongest approach the Cancer Council Australia needs to take. We are a nation that loves going to the beach; it is inherent in our culture to relax and have a good time. Sadly, it’s an undeniable fact that we need to protect ourselves and despite the efforts of the Cancer Council, we are still seeing people affected by skin cancer and UV rays. What a better way for social media to be used than to educate everyone that they can look after their skin without costing their outdoor enjoyment. Appropriate addresses through social media during the peak periods and everyday life is a start, and will help ingrain the idea that sun safety is a way of life and not just a “I’ll do it next time” agenda. This can extend to all cancer related causes such as tobacco or general nutrition. An informed public is a healthy public.

This ties into the second point of engaging the supporters. Despite best efforts, people do get cancer. Whenever you think of cancer, you think of “that deadly thing that will most certainly kill you”. A lot of people are affected by it, so there should be something that can be done. Through the use of social media, a more varied and vast array of networks can be reached and individuals can be informed as well.  I’m not sure what points I can really touch except that any NPO would benefit from more engagement. The Cancer Council could host more events online in order to gather up an increase in funds towards their cause. It could be as simple as getting people to put bids on questions and ask famous celebrities through social media or set up an online auction. I guess my thoughts around engaging revolve back to the idea that people want something for their money and not everyone gives just because it’s going to a good cause.

Also, here is a really interesting website/blog that has much more in-depth detail on how Nonprofits can utilise Social Media. It’s called Nonprofit Tech for Good!

Back in the heat of things with Enterprise 2.0. I expect great work from everyone. Check out some of my big supporters, as all of them have excellent blogs! Conor Farne Sang, Aden Jones, Sarun Yingaprapaporn and Chuan Wang all have excellent blogs!


Niko Bellic evading police.

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10 thoughts on “WEEK 7: Donate to save social media!

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  2. Cancer Council Australia has quite a strong Facebook following (https://www.facebook.com/cancercouncilaustralia), 19,421 followers. I guess with so many people’s lives being directly, or indirectly, affected by cancer it makes sense that their would be a strong focus on it.
    A good, well rounded, post as always. But you didn’t include a link to a video of the original Slip, Slop, Slap advertisement. So here it is for any oldies like myself hungry for a bit of nostalgia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAu5wCTEBt0
    On a personal note, did you find it hard, like myself, to fix upon only one or two value levers in your post? I personally found that I could have covered all of them as they all cover areas central to the priorities of all charities.

  3. Hi Adam,
    By working around with the gimmick of the words, I can see on how the Cancer Council Victoria effectively and successfully conveyed its campaign message to the public audiences. With its short and catchy phrase, the content can even be reused from time to time as it is easy for people to remember and apply to protect themselves from the sun’s harmful UV rays. I totally agree with you that the proper use of the social technologies can cause the positive changes to the societies. Educating/informing people on types of related cancer through social media can create awareness and make people paying more attentions to their health along with their daily activities. Within this post, I find those above ‘5S’s phrase that you have mentioned in this post really catches my attention, and that makes your post being more interesting.

    Nice picking up for the social sectors’ post, Adam 🙂

    • To elaborate a bit further, skin cancer and melanoma are still big problems despite the drop in recent years. I don’t think that they are pushing these campaigns as much as they could and due to the incredible influence of social media, they could really benefit from pushing it further whilst maintaining a low cost on their budget.

      When was the last time you saw an advertisement for Skin Cancer prevention in the last few years, particularly on social media? I can’t specifically recall. :/

      • Me neither. I might say that it is rare for us to see the following actual advertisement about preventing skin cancer these days, especially through the social media (unless you participate in particular groups, such cancer communities, medical health etc.). By giving myself a chance to access on the ‘SunSmart’ Facebook page, I could see on how the organisation kept informing its audiences about the skin cancer via its health tips’ posts and news instead of the direct advertisement.

  4. I really liked the way you have formatted this post with bolding words, using quotations, links etc. to break up the content.

    I also like how you relate to the reader, keeping the post informal, while still discussing the topic at hand. Using the slip, slop, slap example, and noting that we as readers have likely heard the phrase before (thanks, now that jingle is in my head) is directly addressing the audience and making it relatable.

    Keep up the good work!

    • I don’t see how complete professionalism will really work with this unit, as we’re all here to learn and therefore need to be engaged. It’s hardly helping anyone if we don’t have some form of interaction that is engaging and I think it is much harder to maintain a formal post due to the fact that we’re students.

      Anyway thanks for the comment, I knew that the jingle was catchy! Hopefully it’ll remind you all to be sun safe!

  5. Hi Adam,

    It was a good way to put this title that make anyone to be interested in reading what is the donation on the social media, but the content was different, by the way, I have enjoyed reading your blog, i just knew about the slip, slap , slop, and the way how you explaining it.

    Thank you

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